Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Drawing Inspiration Posts

youtube link

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. It means a lot. Here are all the blogs/ sites we've been featured on so far.......

vimeo staff picks Features an interview with Tim and myself. by Rawls
Animation With A Moustache
Flooby Nooby
A Zealous Enterprise
See No Evil
My Curious Brain
Loyal K.N.G
The Reel (I think you have to subscribe to site to see it )
Dope Chef TV
Its Hey Now
Weird Ben
Le Journal Graphic
A Story Tell features an interview with Tim, Steve and myself
Share Some Candy

I'll be updating this as I go on, there are a few to go through. On behalf of Tim and Myself, thanks again to everyone who has watched posted or even just spoke about our film. It gives us a lot of encouragement and we look forward to doing another.

And Again...


messytimbo said...

put this one to

it has the interview we did :)

RAWLS said...

uh, and CG HUB!!!

maarten said...

congrats man!!! im happy for you guys. I was so amazed with the film, the quality, the story, it blew me away. it deserves all the attention for sure.

libra bear said...

Tim: okey dokey
Rawls: I was getting to that, thanks again though :)
Maarten: Cheers dude, The story is the only reason I wanted to do it, and to this day remains the strongest thing about the film. Tim and Steve are genius :)

Frankie Swan said...

wow glad the film is doing well!cant believe its got over 1000 likes on vimeo in just over a week!
hope its success continues.

messytimbo said...

and these

Frankie Swan said...

heres the film by Hannes Stummvoll from last year LAS that tim and i were talking about.

and this is his blog

great talking to you last night sorry i had to rush off.I need to sit down with you sometime and really talk about gesture drawing.

see you soon

alex said...

i love this short! so awesome. killer design, animation, story.

libra bear said...

Frankie: Cheers for this. yeah I remember the film. Good seeing you too.

Alex: Thanks, We appreciate it.

messytimbo said...

2 more! :)

Weird Ben said...

Thank you for giving me something great to show the readers of I look forward to seeing much more. Keep up the good work.

"TORI CAT" said...

HEY Wes!!
Sorry i haven't been in touch sooner!!
Just wanted to say a massive, super huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and Tim!!
The film looks soooo good!! i feel really honored to be a part of it!! It looks beautiful. The animation looks Incredible!! Such emotion and character!! I love it!! (and your show reel is AMAZING!!) You should be so proud of yourselves, and paul did an awesome job with the backgrounds!!
I'm not sure if you have seen, but iv made a link on me ol blogger to the film and your website!! :D
I really hope you are keeping well and your taking a bit of time for yourself to re-energize after the drain of film making. :D
No doubt, i'll see you soon!!
Good luck with the film's promotion. By the way, What festivals have you entered into?? I can get you a list of festivals which we sent favelados into if your interested??
Take care dude,
Speak to you soon!!
Lots a loves,

libra bear said...

Weird Ben: And thank you sir for the Plug :)

Tori: Thanks Tori, I'm glad we got through. Yeah the festival list would be great, To be honest I just want to move on to the next project. I have re energized and am ready to go. Hope your well

Ken said...

WESMOND! Hows it going old chap? Good to hear the film is finished - I still have to check it out and shout it on my blog, its been on my to do list! Been a tad busy, but all good now. Looking forward to seein all your hard work.

Whats next for you?


Natalie said...

I found it on and it's absolutely beautiful.

libra bear said...

KEEEEEENNNIE!!whats next? er.... rule the world :)

Thanks Natalie. I'll check it out and add it to the links

messytimbo said...

2 more!

messytimbo said...

yumgsta said...

Wow, finding of your talent really made my day - great animation, I can feel the love, pain and passion..

Plus loving your avatar very much! Goku!

Keep up the great work :)


Anonymous said...

hello u want to meet goonie?

messytimbo said...

messytimbo said...

kayoko nagashima said...

I've just watched the film and it was really amazing and beautiful!! I love it:)

Dave said...

Looks amazing. Well done guys!

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messytimbo said...

libra bear said...

Yumgsta: Thanks dude, your the first person to notice the DB ref. I can make a new one now....

Kayoko: much appreciated, Glad you enjoyed

Dave: Thanks man.

Marlee said...

Great job! You deserve it!

Bianchii said...

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I will write about everything, will be a lot of pictures, reviews of books, films, songs etc.
So it would be nice if you visit my blog sometimes :)
(Sorry for mistakes, I'm still learning English)

libra bear said...

Marlee: Much appreciated.
Bianchi: Not to worry about your english, I cant speak another language so dont apologise. I'll pay you a visit soon as I get a minute

Anthony Holden said...

Suuuper cool. Great work on the short, you guys!!