Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Back to Life....

Thanks everyone for your points of view on the last post. It’s really interesting to see how we all look at things. I think when we are criticized whether it is accurate or inaccurate we must take the time to find the truth in what’s being said. As long as we do that, the comment becomes irrelevant. The comment definitely sparked questions about who I am now, who I’m aiming to be, and how much am I doing to get there. I am in no way offended by Mr Annonomous, I’m thankful he got me thinking.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted anything inspired by life. (Tim your last post was food for thought) I’ve had some interesting conversations regarding life drawing and animation lately. It’s intriguing to see how we all go about reach our personal goals. The way I learnt to draw was through watching cartoons, and reading comics. Sometimes I would tape my favourite cartoons, and then watch it on video pausing at any image I like, and begin copying. Sometimes I would copy poses from comics, and as I got better, it became reference material, so if I couldn’t draw a hand for example, I would look at a comic or an animation with a similar pose and attach it to my own drawing. (Writing this I’m thinking duh, why didn’t I use my own hand??) I’ve come to realize I draw using elaborate symbols, shapes that are instantly recognisable. That’s why I find drawing from life hard. To draw what you see and not fill in the blanks by what you think you see is difficult. When I try to observe and draw what is there it feels like I’ve never drawn before, I forget what I know and as a result lose spontaneity. I never like the results but take each new drawing as a stepping stone. I’m battling to find myself or should I say my better self. On the one hand I want to draw what feels natural, to characterize, and take the essence of a pose and draw that. On the other, I want to improve and to have a more realistic approach, to actually try to draw what I see rather than what I think I see and have that become natural. The above drawings represent part of that struggle. Some were drawn from my memory, most were drawn from life. With a few I tried to challenge myself and have a realistic approach. With others I was being myself and just doing what came natural. Let me know what you think.

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PS: Following are some blogs with really cool life studies. Some take a realistic approach, some characterise and capture essence, some do both, all are beautiful and very inspiring….(this is for you Maarten)

Kristian Antonelli

Timothy “Timbo” McCourt (interesting read on his latest post entitled Inspiration from life)

James “The Iron scythe”Robertson

Chris Chua

Andrea Spada

Matt Jones

Cloudy Pool (A_A)

Willy “Willipino” Harber

Tim Moen

Antoine Antin (amazing animations aswell)

Bastien Vives (might have been drawn for memory)

If you guys know of any other great blogs let me know.

UPDATE: I forgot Alan Cook, He also has lots of info on whats new in animation.

UPDATE 2: This Guys life studies is Amazing, check it Stephane Kardos

FINAL UPDATE: Its about 5am. Couldn't sleep. Seen some amazing work lately. Had the urge to draw..anything. Did this sketch of my living room (from life) in about 5mins then coloured it in about 7mins. As you can see from the photo, proportions and all that Jazz are way off, didn't care it felt Good, going to sleep now (by the way Tim thanks for the Andre Barnwell link, forgot all about him, I don't know how)

Monday, 15 October 2007

Anonymous said...

I got a comment on my blog the other day. It was for my first lip synch animation;

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this guy has good art skills but everyone post positive comments. this guy still has a lot to learn and his animation skills are mediocre. So make him aware of this please or he will never improve. he is far from those students ­from france.

Thank u

It upset me, because of how accurate he/she was. I spent the whole day thinking about it. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate positive comments, I do, I like to know when I’m doing good, but I also need to know when I’m doing not so good. It is important to my growth. In turn I will do the same to all other bloggers, to try and be honest and to help you all grow as well.

As for Mr/Mrs Anonymous, Thank you, I hope you stop by again, I printed your comment, and it’s up on my wall as a health reminder

On a lighter note, here is a pic of Supermans daddy. Still think Superman 1 is the best superhero movie of all time.

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Saturday, 6 October 2007


Was watching Legion Of Superheroes, felt like drawing the Man of Steel

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