Monday, 2 July 2012

Blast From The Past

No... The last post wasn't a freak occurance, I definitely will be posting more regularly. Also, Google Reader has become my new best friend. Instead checking loads of sites/blogs, now I just check one....sort of. Thanks Mr Topf.

So part of my new found energy to do....erm...stuff is that I've been looking at some really old work of mine. The picture at the top is to this day my favourite drawing. Its also probably the last time I used water colours. Ive often wanted to redraw it and I know I could do a better job technically but I dont think I'd ever have the same feeling about it. Its one of those drawings that told me at that point "you've gotten better."

Anyway I've been thinking, every month or so I may take a picture or project from my past ans er.. talk about it. I may even redraw something.

Thanks for all the comments on the last post, and emails, its humbling and inspiring.

Below, random drawings, some done in Annecy

And Again....

PS: Steve Stamp, writer of Drawing Inspiration has just finished the pilot of a mocumentary called "People Just Do Nothing" Check the Link Here and spread the word. Congrats Steve!!!!