Saturday, 7 July 2007

For now....

In about 4 hours, I'm going to be on a plane to Marrakech for some R&r, but I wanted to do this quick post before I go. To just Thank all who helped me at LAS past and present, and to wish you guys the best. Hope you all keep blogging (yes I've been a bad boy, but I'll make up for it, promise) keep in contact, and keep animating. When I get back I'll holla at yall and just share my thoughts on the past year of my life. In the mean time, here is my Showreel (jazzed up lined tests and sketches LOL). Let me know your thoughts.

And Again....

Showreel 2007 from Libra Bear Vids and Vimeo.

PS: does anyone know why my video is supersized????!!!
PPS: Excuse the quality I'll replace it when I come back