Thursday, 7 July 2011


Ok, I know its been a while since my last post. Looking back cant recall exactly what I've been doing.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has and continues to support our film Drawing Inspiration. We've had an overwhelming response and I'm grateful to everyone who posted it on blogs, facebook twitter or even just watched it.

Myself, directing partner and friend Timothy Mc Court, Singer, Song writer Rina May and Draughtsman Supreme Kristian Antonelli, have just finished another short piece (10sec to be exact). Check it out below

E4 Man from Tim McCourt on Vimeo.

If you like it vote Yay at

Here is some design work for it...

In other news, I'd like to direct your attention to a beautifully realised short film.....

Directed by a group of stupidly talented artists at the Gobelins Animation Program, this film blew me away, art direction, pacing, animation, restraint, acting, really ticks all boxes.

I'm especially interested in this film due to the fact that good friend Paul Lacolly was one of the directors and animators on this Film. Congrats again guys on a fantastic film. looking forward to your next masterpiece.

You can check the rest of the shorts at

Ok, now back to work....

And Again....

PS: Frankie, I promise you, next post I do is yours :)


L ROSSI said...

Yeaaaa boi :D
Good job man - it's soooo funny and really well done - all aspects!
I'm def gonna curl up and get down and vote for it :P
Nice pick for the film too - I think it was also my fav from this year (along with Fur for the style of animation).
Hope you're good!!

"TORI CAT" said...

Wes!!! This is AMAZING!!!!
ha ha ha!!! i love it!!!
Iv already voted for ya and posted a link on Face book to get people to vote for you on there too!!!
Good luck!!! Yours is certainly the best!!!
I love your character designs and the song is so catchy too!!!! Iv found myself singing it all day!! ha ha!!!
Hope your ok and keeping well?
Sorry i haven't been in touch, been a tough few months!... good news tho.... Next month i will finally get my new jaw replacement!! woo hoo!!! :D
BIg hugs to you Libra Bear!!!

Paul Bloomfield said...

Great job on the E4 sting, Wes. Looks totally 80's, Man!

Frankie Swan said...

I have made sure to vote at least three times a day. your designs are sweet man!
next post for me??!! awesome i shall eagerly await it. share that hulk with the world!
well done man hope you win.

libra bear said...

Rossi: Cheers man. I also really liked fur. We really do think alike :)
Tori: Really appreciate that Tori. Yeah, the song is really catchy, Rina is really talented, she gave us about 5 or 6 different versions, all really good. Dont worry about not being in touch, I know you've had a lot on. I'm glad your ok now. I saw your message on linked in by the way. I'll holla at you in a bit.

Paul: Thanks man. Glad you like it. Hope your good.

Frankie: Trust me, the next post will probably be an anti climax for you HAHA Glad you enjoyed..

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Anonymous said...

The designs of the male are so well done and all of them have their own unique emotion and feel to them. :) Love love love.

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