Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Rush

I'm in one, a rush that is, I was ordered (politely) to start a blog ASAP, I was actually gonna wait till I could organise myself and my work properly but was made to realise that I'm wasting time so, here it is. (Thanx for the kick up the butt Kristian :)

My name is Wesley, I live in London and currently studying animation Central St Martins. Can't really write too much right now, in the middle of animating an eagle, thats why I'm in a rush, got an assessment soon , so the next couple weeks is about polishing my stuff. I'll elaborate more on myself L8r. In the mean time, here are a few samples of my work from earlier this year. Please feel free to comment, and criticise. Crit is a big part of my learning process, and I have SOOO much to learn. (PS: doesn't matter what level your at or whether your an artist or not, all comments are valid)

Till next time

The following is some work i did for my porfolio to get into St Martins, these characters were created when i was about 16 (i'm 29 now), so i thought it might be a good idea to redo them, and kind of see how far i've come. I think I'll post the the original designs and drawings i did sooo long ago so you can judge my progress.

This is the first few times i used a wacom, still not really used to it yet but it did introduce new ways of working for me....