Friday, 25 February 2011

Drawing Inspiration

Drawing Inspiration from Wesley Louis on Vimeo.

Finally, its complete.

Dont like vimeo? Here's a link to the youtube version

I just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that supported us in the making of this. Its probably the hardest thing I've ever done, and I'm just happy we got through it. check out the credit list below:

Directed By

Tim McCourt

and Wesley Louis

Story by Steve Stamp

Written By Tim McCourt and Steve Stamp

Animators - Wesley Louis, Tim McCourt, Laurent Rossi, Robert Robinson Paul Lacolley, Nick Lennox, Micheal Plummer, Geoff King, Kristian Antonelli, Chris Halls

Backgrounds and Layouts - Paul Bloomfield

Compositing - Paul Bloomfield

Music - Alex Mattinson

Sound Designs by Matt Davies & Mark Apicella

Produced by Dexter Dash

Executive Producer Henry Scholfield

Thanks to Partizan Lab, Isabella Parish, Tori Davis & Maarten Rijs

And Again....

UPDATE: Anyone who knows me how much I love Catsuka. Whatever happens now, I'm happy, Thanks again Tsuka


Frankie Swan said...

words escape me. i was captivated by both the narrative and beautiful style. truly inspirational.

Angel Villadiego said...

The character design is astonishing! you are by far one of the best artists I have come across with. A true inspiration source and a good blog to follow, finally. Congratulations.

Pull. said...

I just found your video on Vimeo. I loved it! Beautiful score as well. A really lovely short film! Well done.

Stuart said...

Beautiful. Whats next for you? Anymore projects I can follow?

Moore of Rachel said...

I discovered you "Drawing Inspiration" video While logging into my vimeo account today. Your animations are very inspiring!

Your drawing animations are excellent. I have four sons and they all love to draw and animate (15, 11, 11, 6 are their ages. The have been using Macromedia Flash.

Would you mind sharing with me what animating software do you and your team use to draw and to animate with? I would love for them to be able to take their skills to a whole new level?

Please send me an email at Thank you.

Polyminthe said...


libra bear said...

Frankie: Thanks man, glad you liked it...

Angel: wow, that quite a compliment, but there is a lot better out there. I'll reach them one day.

Pull: Thank you Pull. The music was sone by Alex Mattison. It was his first time scoring a film. He did a wonderful job.

Stuart: Thanks dude, We have some ideas, we'll keep our blogs updated.


(I did email rachel personally but thought it would be good to post here just incase others would like to use the information)

Hi Rachel,

Sorry for the delayed response. Its great that your kids have started so young. By the time they get to my age, they'll be world class. We used flash for the animation, drawing directly into the computer frame by frame. You'd need a graphic tablet to do this as its pretty hard to do it with a mouse. We used traditional water coloured washes with markers for the backgrounds scanned them, then added colours in photshop. Finally combined and added effects in a program called After Effects. I would say flash is enough for them to experiment and hone their animation skills, but they need to do plenty of observational drawing. Trying to understand the human form from life.

Normally I would suggest blogging but maybe that might only be appropriate for you 15 year old. You learn lots from all sorts of people who are animators and artists in general when you blog. Im assuming they have DVDs? get them to study films (animated and live action) frame by frame. It will uncover lots of tricks.

I've listed a couple books and sites/blogs to get them started

Matt williames has pretty much been an animator since 14. Has lots of tutorials on animation techniques, very knowledgable and very kind in sharing information.
Animation Podcast hosted by a profesional disney animator Clay Caytis and contains interviews and advice with other professionals. I think eamonn butlers has a lot of profanity. I'd say if you have time listen to them first.
The Animators Survival Kit A must for all animators.
The illusion of life
Drawn to Life Get volume 1 and 2. Helps with observational drawing.

The most important thing is for them to HAVE FUN (added that as I felt the email was becoming a bit serious :)

Email me any time you want advice, or even to show me your childrens work. I wish them luck. Its hard but rewarding
On behalf of Tim and myself, thank you for your kind words about our film.

Polyminthe: Much appreciated.

Noor Mohammed said...
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Noor Mohammed said...

It is awesome guys. Very powerful work. Keep going team!

Scaloso said...

Wery beautiful short .... bravo !!!
really like idea and realization !!!

Cobb said...

Extraordinary. I'm telling all my friends.

Peter said...

This is a lovely film. Beautifully drawn, paced and told. Style, animation, expressiveness all tied perfectly together. And I note that we both worked on the Illusionist, although never met. I was at the Edinburgh studio.