Tuesday, 18 October 2011

So Far....

Its been a while since I've posted. I havent done much drawing in my sparetime lately. I havent really been inspired to. I think when drawing or animating starts feeling like work, which it has over the last couple of years, I feel less inclined to do it. I also realised this feeling could actually go on for the rest of my life unless I find a way to make it fun again. Maybe a good way to start is to actually blog.

So whats been happening since my last post.

I've been working on and off at Nexus which has been fantastic.

Heres a commercial I animated on for Google Chrome. I animated the 3 talking characters from about 39 secs

It was fun to animate in such a limited way. Learnt a lot more about flash as well whichh is always cool.

Other credits

Directors: Smith and Foulkes

Animators: Stuart Doig
Bali Engel
Conor Ryan

Character Design: Mike Shorten

Also Recieved 2 awards for a little film I directed with Tim Mc Court called Drawing Inspiration at the Canterbury Anifest 2011 . I think thats the first time I've won anything. I was really shocked because the competition was fierce. Congrats to all who got shortlisted.

Last but not least, I've also been up at the NFTS for a month helping unnescessarily inteligent and talented Jonathan Topf on his film. In turn he has taught me....pause for effect....Maya. Thats right ladies and gentleman. I've crossed over to the darkside and become a 3D animator (sort of). I have to say at the moment, 3D is ridiculously hard. I have a new found respect for all the 3D guys out there, especially my peers at LAS14.
Thats it for now. Next post will have some drawings (they might be a bit old though).

And Again....

PS: I know I owe you Frankie.....