Friday, 8 March 2013

Louis & McCourts New music Video

Yes its been to long, I have no excuses but I do have some fresh work, is all forgiven?
Made by  THE LINE Collective

Directed By
Louis & McCourt
Art Direction by
Bjorn Aschim
Animators - Jonathan 'Djob' Nkondo, James Duveen, Sam Taylor, Wesley Louis, Tim McCourt,
Backgrounds and Layouts : Bjorn Aschim, Mike Shorten
Compositing : Sam Taylor, Jonathan Topf

3D VFX Directing by
Jonathan Topf
Graphic Design by
Hisako Nakagawa
Jack Newman
Drew O'Neill
Produced by Bullion

And Again....

Some design work by Bjorn Aschim, Hisako Nakagawa and Myself