Monday, 19 May 2008

In Competition With....Myself?

Hi everyone. Just want to thank everyone for their comments on the last post. Lately I’ve been receiving comments about improvements in my work. Many times on this blog I’ve often whined about how bad my work is, or I request constructive criticism ( I still do) but I actually really appreciate the fact you guys can see me growing. It’s really encouraging and gives me a real charge so thanks you for that. Really.

I haven’t been drawing much lately. Just been a bit stuck, especially with the life stuff. I realised a few days ago that I’m always trying to top my last post, to do something better. I think that’s why the gaps between posts are getting bigger and bigger. While I’m all about growing and getting better, I think I’m forgetting to enjoy what I do. It’s supposed to be fun (that’s what I meant about attitude Ken) so this post is probably some of my weaker life studies, but I’m not waiting till I have some better ones. I’m rusty but, I had fun drawing them and using ink washes. It was cool being in borders, with good company, a big cookie and a cup of Hot Chocolate. I’ll post again real soon now that I’m having fun...

And Again....


PS: I responded to everyones comments on the last post so er....check the comments.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

What shall I post?

Hi everyone. Many thanks for the comments and feedback for the last post. Much appreciated

I haven’t posted in a while, not because I didn't want to, but haven’t done anything I liked lately. Guess I’m being a bit too picky about what I show these days which is silly. Anyway, I've been quite busy doing some personal stuff which I won’t post anything about, and won’t talk about again till (if) I finish. As a result no more huge posts, but hopefully I'll post more often (yeah right).

The only exciting thing to have happened in terms of this art thing is a collaboration with the not so talented Kenneth “Nethken” Anderson...opps did I say not so talented?? LOL. Just kidding Ken, I have much respect for my colleague and friend. I’ve learnt a lot from him, not just in terms of technique but attitude. Anyway, this pic is a result of a 2min sketch by moi and then 2 days rendering by Ken. I honestly don’t feel I can take credit for this, but it was nice to see what could be done from one of my simple sketches. Basically, we were making fun of Ken and the amount of women he draws wielding swords. Chris Halls drew a pic (by the way chris, I decline your characters tempting offer, not my type lol), and I responded to his pic with a simple sketch to show him what a real woman with a sword looks like LOL.. Ken was inspired and the rest is history.

Now, it might be made into a 3D animatable model. I look back and think “All this from a 2 minute sketch???” We’ll see what happens. The rest are some random sketches.

And Again....


PS: I was generously rewarded by the minds behind El Grande for my promotion efforts last post. Click here. By the way guys I hope yo realise I didn’t do the shout out for rewards, I believe in what your doing and am excited by things to come. Keep going.