Saturday, 17 November 2007


Thanks for all the comments on the last post everyone. Really appreciate it. Just started a temp job stacking boxes and moving files...I need an animation Job quick. Just in case anyone’s wondering (all of LAS14 probably), I still want to work on my film, admittedly I haven’t touched it in a while, just been lazy. It’s important I finish it but don’t expect it before Christmas, next post will be some animation (I hope). I’m really enjoying drawing lately, especially from life, but for some reason hands are real struggle of late, maybe I need a break. I’m trying to experiment with the way I present my work. Most of these are from my A6 sketch book, drawn from life. The bigger pages are just random while watching Good Will Hunting and Braveheart (my favourite film of all time). I scanned some textured paper and placed it in the background to make them look more interesting. Sometimes I want to present the work raw, other times I want to work on my presentations skills. At first I didn’t really like colouring my life studies, but some of the colour combinations I’ve seen on people would have never entered my mind. So now I take note even If I don’t apply colour. Anyway, hope you like. By the way does anyone know how to use letratone on Photoshop? Let me know.

And Again….

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

More Life Struggles

Thanks for the feedback on the last post everyone. I'm really enjoying drawing from life. Some of the blogs I've seen lately is really inspiring me specially Stephane Kardos. I really have to push myself. I want to start taking real life classes as soon as I can afford it. Here's some from yesterday.

And Again....