Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Drawing Inspiration Making Of

Wesley Louis Drawing Inspiration Making Of from Libra Bear Vids on Vimeo.

This is what my life was about last year, To see more visit

Im not sure why but the sound doesnt synch properly. Any suggestions?

And Again...


messytimbo said...

lovely man! i'm proud of you!

It's been a toughy this year, but we got through it and hopefully we'll see the rewards for our hard work.

Kristian said...

Fantastic! All the best to you son

L ROSSI said...

"eh Oui eh Oui eh Oui!"
So good to see not only the awesome work you did for this all put together, but to see it all put together in possibly the slickest/coolest way EVER! :)
"Excuse me animation/film industry person(s), may I introduce you to Mr. Louis aka LibraBear? He's just arrived....." :)

Sophian said...

Looks great, can't wait to see more!

"TORI CAT" said...

This looks sooo good!! Fantastic editing!
All your designs look wonderful and the animation looks fantastic!!! :D
I can't wait to see it all finished. Massive well done to you and tim!!
I really hope it does well in the festivals!!
Im sure a company is going to snap you up pretty quick!!
Keep it up!! You are VERY Talented!!!
Lots of love.xx

Frankie Swan said...

....that was..... AWESOME!!!!!
wow thatll keep my inspiration bank full for a long time to come!
i have so many questions!...but i wont bother you with them...but just one though if you dont mind?how did you do the clean up and colour??surely it cant all be flash?i love that style.

libra bear said...

I appreciate the comments guys, Im not very confident about this....

Timbo: Im proud of you too man :)

L Rossi: Hopefully I can push myself further this year

Sophian: I can't wait to do more :)

Tori: Cheers, hopefully I'll find work soon.

Frankie: Animation wise, rough, clean, colour is all flash, with diesplacement maps, blurs etc added in after fx :) If you dont ask questions here, where you gonna ask dude? Don't worry about bothering me, if it helps you, Im happy to be bothered.

Michael Plummer said...

savage work dude, if you ever get sick of animation you should try editing!

Paul said...

c'est parfait Garçon !!!

Frankie Swan said...

cheers bro, i hope I dont make u regret that offer!
well to start with i wanted to know a bit more about your process, how u animate in flash (is it drawn frame by frame or do u use a combination of symbols etc) and more about ur clean up process (do u paint using the paint bucket or by the shape tool or with brushes). main reason why i ask is coz haven't cleaned any thing up (i hate scanning) and i have avoided using flash because i really dislike using symbols and tweens as when i do it always feels stiff and limited!
also about ur animatics/story boards, what is the general rule about using grey tones?
caricature, do you have any recommendations of books or blogs that i should look at?
gesture drawing, can i see some more of urs please??
phew! feels good to get that off my chest.
if u prefer u can email me bk,
showed this to steve and others here at LAS, everyone loved it man.

Olivier Ladeuix said...

looking great! I will have a thorough look later

libra bear said...

Mick P: Thanks man, editing? really?
Paul: Merci beaucoup Garçon
Oliver: Yeah, i know its a bit long :) hope your good.

Frankie S: Sorry for the delay on the response, believe it or not I've been think about your question for a bit.

Its mostly drawn frame by frame. The card pack, sticker and bottle are symbols. The liquid inside the bottle was animated frame by frame which is also a symbol, and the hand attached to the bottle is also a symbol. In a couple of scenes I used a symbol for his hair.

We would clean up in flash as well. I was fortunate to have a cintiq for a couple scenes which makes it really easy. if you look closely they're not super clean anyway, but thats what we wanted.

We used a the paint bucket and brush tool. We also had to colour the the lines ( hence no outline except when its in the body and those are coloured). I know what you mean about scanning, it feels like a massive waste of time, however, I think you loose something if you only animate/ draw digitally. Its like only learning how to drive an automatic car. I want to do some more paper animation, I think it requires more discipline and attentivness. Get to know both.

For grey tones, i think in this instance I used it to help identify shapes better and for things that were closer to the camera. Im not sure I used it in the best way though. Thinking about it now, its probably a good idea to study a film, pause on the shots you like and try to replicate it using only 3 values (black, white grey).

As for gesture drawing, I haven't done much lately, but I'm visiting LAS to see Karl on friday (18th feb) so I'll bring in my sketchbook.

Jorge González said...

Hi...influences...a lot in drawings, comics, cinema, literature...José Muñoz, Alberto Breccia, Horacio Altuna, Welles, Buñuel, Leonardo Favio, etc..Have a nice day.

Frankie Swan said...

wow massive thanks a lot man that explanation it really helps! in fact i am animating into flash right now. doing frame by frame at the mo to see if i can maintain the same fluidity as paper result are varying.
im sure if you speak to steve u can do some paper animation in the studio, there is a couple of free desks so shouldn't be a problem. plus that way i can absorb more of your knowledge!
thanks also for letting me look through your sketch book, was a privilege to see and i learned a lot from studying your line.
u pop into the studio more often!

meem said...


Armand Cordero said...

Always great to see the 'making of' others work and their process. Really inspiring stuff