Thursday, 21 December 2006

Marys chick....

This is a drawing I did a couple months ago for a friend from my old work place. She's been buggin' me for about a year to do a picture, any picture (she ain't the only one and some have been waiting longer). I was supposed to give it to her but it got creased by accident by someone on my course, (I won't say who, they don't even realise that they did it), so I've been meaning to redo it, and finally did, but I didn't like the new version (not posted because it's that bad, no really) So I thought I'd clean it up, and do some photoshop magic with it. (I haven't done any "finished" PS for about 8 months to a year ). I thought I'll just do quick colours but then got carried away. I decided to remove the outline, Arthur de Pins style (check he's site in my links, this guy is BAAAD!). So here it is. Got the itch now, must do moooorrreeee..... :)

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