Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Last Life Drawing Class of the Year. Candid 19/12/06

This session I felt a lot more confidence. As in, trying things and not worrying about the results. (trust me, it may not seem like it but for each drawing I had different goals). I did a lot more in my 5 min drawings than my 2min this time. But the problem now is my 5min has more than my 10min, LOL. oh well... Since this class I've seen some amazing life drawings from a guy named Alan Cook. It's depressing that someone could be this good, and yet exciting because now, I have another place reach. You must check this guys work. I don't know where he finds the time. you'll see what I mean when you see his blog. cookedart.blogspot.com

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Shouren said...

I like it, it gives me a good feeling. Nice work man.