Monday, 18 December 2006

The Baby Challenge

Some painful, but important truths have come to light over the last 2 weeks. I guess that’s why I’ve been going a bit deep lately. While I’ve been studying (at uni), I’ve not really had the chance to reflect on my work. Deadline after deadline with no real time to look back. I think I need drawing lessons, or rather, “perception lessons” (I believe drawing is about the way you see things, not how you hold a pencil, even though technical lessons help). I’ve been made to realise (thanx again to Mr Dash) that since starting my course, all I’ve done is draw. I draw as much as I can, when I can, but that’s the problem. I’ve been drawing with no real purpose. All I’ve tried to do is one pretty picture after another without really taking anything from it. Not to say that drawing for the fun of it, isn’t beneficial, but I realise that I definitely need to “study” what I draw. A balance of both; study and fun. This became really apparent to me with this group of drawings.

I was watching the special features of Lilo & Stitch and I saw some of Andreas Deja child studies. Beautiful drawings, done with a brush pen (I think) of children in a Hawaiian class room. He not only captured the aesthetics of a child, he also caught the essence, mannerisms etc. I’ll take some DVD screen grabs and put them on a separate post, I just don’t want he’s work next to mine right now, makes me look bad. LOL

Anyway I tried to do the same with my 7 month old cousin, (the most beautiful baby I've ever seen, my drawings did not do her justice). This is probably one of the most difficult, but insightful things I’ve done in terms of drawing. I really struggled to the point of frustration. She moved around so much. Never stopped moving. This definitely illustrates all of my weaknesses, and shows how I go about drawing in the most extreme way.

I wanted to edit out some of the drawings because I really don’t like most of them, but the mistakes are probably the more important drawings (providing I learn from them of course). So I put in all the drawings to keep my ego in check and to remind me of how far I have to go.

I changed my mind about showing Mr Dejas Work, now my ego truly is in check, enjoy :)

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kristian said...

I have to say you are on the right path (obviously thats my humble opinion) Children are so complex to draw. But they are the most intriguing, both in there simple characteristics and there fabulous motion and attitudes. You have a great array of gesture in these sketches. You are thinking and thats the most important thing to do in drawing, if you want to achieve the abilities that i know you want. then this is this best way.keep on bloggin. there are some little drawings i've done before of kiddies. in my archives. your ones are far better...