Saturday, 10 December 2011

Another Hulk Post.....

Ok another Hulk post, but this is the last for a while. I did promise a process vid, wasnt sure if I should, I mean, its just a walk cycle and I struggle accepting the oversight on his sliding feet. I did make an adjustment but the difference is marginal. It feels like his feet are sliding rather than steping. Maybe I should retitle it to "Hulk SLIDE"
Going back in to try and fix it (again) wont make me like it anymore I think. I also feel like I should have implied more weight to the head and upper torso by adding some overlap, clean up is abit messy, volume issues..... the list goes on.

Anyway there are a few reasons for doing this. I know how much it helps me to see other peoples processessssss, so maybe someone starting out can benifit from this. Also people who are a lot more experiecned than me can perhaps point out my flaws or offer me better ways of thinking.
I'm also mentoring at my old uni, this is my 2nd year doing it and I think having examples where I can break down my process will help my mentee, SiuLing undersatnd things better. Trying to explain animation with just words is difficult, I mean its a visual medium, so for me less talking, more showing. Something I wish I did with my last mentee Mr Karl Lawson.

With this video, I thought I would do the perfect breakdown going through every part of my process. Didn realise how difficult that would be, explaining it properly would probably mean the video would need to be 5mintues rather than one. I think i may try to record my next piece of animation as Im doing it. Or something.

I'll be updating this post maybe tomorrow, explaining each part as "I" understand it because I'm still learning and not entirely comfortable with "my animation process" Below is a pic showing the same frame from each process

And Again....


Anonymous said...

nice idea, thanks for sharing...

Chris Cormier said...

Brilliant! I love this post. Please keep them coming. :)

Couple quick questions: Do you typically animate in Flash? I have little to no experience with the program, so I'm unaware as to how viable it is for full animation.

Do you always animate on ones? It takes so long, but it's hard to ignore the visual appeal.

There will always be things to nitpick in your own work, but this is a terrific cycle, perfect or not. Maybe a shadow below the feet would help give the steps some depth, and a sense of placement?

Anyway, awesome work, man. Thanks for sharing.

Kristian said...

I love being privy to your working process. I'm honoured when you send me the line tests.
Thank you for sharing a personal insight into your work.
You never fail to inspire me.
Stay Gold brother.

libra bear said...

Anonymous: Cheers, glad you liked. 

Chris:  thanks man, I'm glad you like it. 

To answer your questions I always animate in flash. My paper experience end with illusionist. Not that I wouldn't use it again but flash is cheaper, takes less time and is more accurate in terms of registration. The list goes on. I think you have to be more skilful with paper though. It's perfectly viable for full animation I think.

The cycle is actually animated on 2s. I've mostly animated on 3s and 4s though, like the Japanese. 
Animating soley on 1s is not necessary to me. 

As for the feet your right, I thought about putting a shadow on after, I think that would make a big difference but then I'd have to work out a floor plane, re-render etc. And I'm kind of bored of seeing it now. Lol. Next thing I do I'll make sure to put in practice what I've learned. Thanks again 

K: you trying to get me emotional out here?! :)
I'm glad you like it man, still trying to reach your level bro. 

L ROSSI said...

I like process vids also - helps get into the mindset of the artist and see the tint changes they make from stage to stage.
Flash is Viable for sure.... coupled with all the other Adobe software.
Good stuff my man!
(P.S love the little ground shakes everywhere :D)

Frankie Swan said...

as a person who is guilty of constantly hassling you for your knowledge, as well as asking you on a number of times about your animation process, this is extremely helpful.
thank you good sir.

loving your personal branding as well.

Anonymous said...

really nice done well. Would be impressed if you could do a animation of someone doing pull ups.

libra bear said...

Rossi: cheers dude, if I'm honest I think having an intro outro and the classic hulk music made me want to do this even more haha. It's weird how you can build an entire piece around the one or few things you want to do

Frankie: yeah, you always did say you learn better by seeing. I think it can be broken down further as I understand it. I've a lot to learn about teaching. Branding? Whatever do you mean??! ;)

libra bear said...

Anonymous aka foolish cousin of mine: I can animate someone doing chin ups, or dips maybe bench press. Pull ups, not so sure...

Michael Plummer said...

Looks deadly Wes, nice work. Slow walk cycles are bastards so fair play to you for pulling it off. I wanna see you do a hulk action shot next... maybe give him a lightsaber?

I saw your E4 ad on the telly the other day which was cool, always fun seeing someone get their work on the screen, anyway have a great christmas!

Anonymous said...

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