Saturday, 19 November 2011

HULK step

So, I was a bit disappointed with my last post, and am still fighting the urge to take it down, especially the 2nd pic, dont know what the hell I was thinking. The only reason it's still up is because I it prompted me to animate to make up for it. Also, didnt want to appear hyprocritcal as Im always going on at a certain someone for always taking down their posts :)

I kind of just jumped into this without thinking about it. I find that when I think too much about doing something, I slowly talk myself out of it without realising it. I did one thumbnail (below) and went straight into it. I think I might think about a little more next time, just not too much.

Man, I realise how much Ive learnt, but also realise how much I have to learn which is daunting and exciting at the same time.

The one thing I kept reinforcing while doing this is "HAVE FUN" Im not entirely happy with the result, which I'm glad about because it means Ive grown, but I did have fun. I've been looking at my old work from my teens and asking myself why I spent hours drawing and redrawing. It definitely wasnt for work or a career. I had fun and enjoyed doing it. There was no consequence or anything big riding on it. Lately I've find I put myself under too much pressure to perform and end up doing very little. Thats bad, time to chilax and enjoy.

Anyway, I'll update with a process vid soon.

And Again....


messytimbo said...

great job man!

L ROSSI said...

Dude if the anim we talked about yesterday looked like this - I would be a very happy chappy!!
I think the volume control in the drawings themselves and that which the shadows add, is very cool!
It's good that you don't like it - like you say, it shows growth.
I see what you mean about the feet - though it's a tough angle to show the feet lift off, perhaps adding some lateral movement so that when the foot lifts, it goes out a bit and then comes back in for the contact, would help?
All in all, I'd love to see more anim like this :)
(Oh and I think that lady WAS telling me to leave - but I think she felt bad after I spoke to her 'cos she realised I wasn't an 'asshole' :D

Kristian said...

I absolutely love it. Hulk is one of my fave of the marvel line up. You have done a great job. I need more wes-animations in my life. So get crackin'!

libra bear said...

Timbo: Thanks man

Rossi: "happy chappy" lol. Yeah the foot thing is bugging me, I think your right about adding the lateral movement to the feet. When I was acting it out my foot barely left the floor, and in the roughs it didn't feel as bad. So how did you convince the lady that you wasn't an asshole? Lol thanks again man.

Kristian: cheers dude. Hulk is your fav? I never knew. Yeah, I should animate more, need to iron out my habits, I'm glad you like though.

Frankie Swan said...

WWWEEEESSSSSS!!!! this is brilliant man! great to see some fresh animation from you, and im with Kris i need more of these in my life!
i love his face i think its great how he looks japanese/ghiblfied.
however (perhaps another challenge) i am now very curious to see how you would design the bruce banner in this mold. or even more challenging how you'd transform bruce to this hulk!that would b real cool to see.

libra bear said...

Frankie: SOme people are never satisfied haha, actually,I have an almost exact idea of how brucey B would look and how he'd transform,I may....revisit Hulk later, but I got some other stuff I want to get off my chest. That transformation, if it ever happnes will have to wait. :)

Chris Cormier said...

I'm a little late to the party, but just wanted to say great work, man. I love it! I hope you still plan to post a process vid. I'd love to see it.

It's nice to hear I'm not the only one who often feels tempted to pull a recent post down. Happens a lot more often than I'd like.

Anyway, fantastic stuff, and it's awesome to see new posts from you. Love your work!

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libra bear said...

Chris: Haha, the party is just getting started....I think....

Yeah, I'll post a process vid soon.

That Hulk post is really frustrating. I started this blog to show my work, but also to keep a general view of my progress, there are lots of posts I want to take down, but its a reflection of who I was at the time it was posted. I've learnt a lot from it. Thanks Again Chris.

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