Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year

One of those extremely random, out of nowhere posts...... I think I want to start drawing again :)

And Again....


Frankie Swan said...

wow awesome!! superman looks sick!

L ROSSI said...


Libra Bear is back and stronger than ever!
Man, it's been such a long time that i'd forgotten how much I love your seeing your work!
Those drawers are beautiful (if I can call some drawers beautiful!)

Please don't leave us waiting too long 'till our next fix!


messytimbo said...

who what where why and a what now...a post???

good to see you back in the game, i the love the chest of drawers. very nice.

"TORI CAT" said...

The Bear is Back!!!
Welcome back to the world of Bloggin!!

Loving your stuff as always dude!!
Its been soooo long... but im happy to see your back and fighting fit!! :D

More More More!!! You must have loads of little gems tucked away you wanna share with us!! Its been sooo long!!

Anyways! Hope you are well?
Keep in touch and hopefully see you some time soon!!

Lots a loves!!

libra bear said...

Thanks guys, not sure when the next one will be, but It'll be more regular, Hope your all doing good.

Kristian said...

A no-messing' Supes! Fantastic!
I know there is so so many more drawings you should post. Are you going to drip feed your hungry disciples

Frankie Swan said...

MASSIVE thanks for the feedback Wes. Your right about the head, I can totally see what you mean now.

the stanchfield books are slowly helping me with my observational drawings but feel i have a very LONG way to go yet!
Can you please upload some of observational studies, just so i can can see how its done in the big leagues?? or are u, as christian says gonna dripfeed hungry disciples like me?!

libra bear said...

CHRISTIAN: I think your the one with disciples
Frankie: Walt is a legend, still have to read his 2nd book though. As for being a disciple, I think you should become a born again Kristian like me :)

Frankie Swan said...

yep i am already a keen follower. sorry for the typo Kristian!
in fact all the people on this thread a pretty god dammed talented! A very inspiring bunch.
keep posting (everyone) it really helps me out seeing your work.

Kristian said...

Wesley Wessy wes.. I wanna see more of everthing.. Animation (Both Traditional and 3D) ..Drawing...your Paintings.. Your collection of tapestry.. Come on man!!

Bear said...

Brilliant Superman!..Cheers!

Paul said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ga'├žon!!!
I thaught you were dead or something, but you are back and you look like you wearing outfit fit a red underwear....crazy you!

Joe Karg said...

Looking good man. Long time no see. How's everything going across the pond? Hit me up.


libra bear said...

Paul: Hey Mon Ami, How did you know it was me? I thought being black caribbean was a fool proof disguise!!!

Bear: Thanks Dude :)

JOE!!!!!!! Im going to your Blog right now......