Sunday, 31 May 2009

Broughty Ferry

Ok, so for the last 3 or 4 weeks, I've resumed my observational drawing studies. Normally on a sunday we draw outside for a bit (if its warm) then end up in borders, however for the last few days the weather has been amazing in Dundee, so Kenny decided it'd be good to get out of Dundee and draw in a place called Broughty Ferry, which is about 20mins away by bus. It was such a nice day I ended doing only 2 drawings. Kenny and Mick did none. Instead they played football on the beach......and yes I joined them for a bit. I'll try and make up for my lack of drawing during the week.

And Again....

PS: Is it better to have one style of drawing which is distinctivley your own or be able to draw in multiple styles which show a little of yourself?


messytimbo said...

Wow another post! Lovely stuff. I really love the second one.

as for your question, I think it's a real amazing skill to be good enough draftsman that you can adopted almost any style, and I would think it's almost a must of your a commercial traditional animator. But if you have a style which is seen as your own then I think it's more satisfying to the artist and is more appreciated by others.

Just look at the success of Jamie Hewlett. and there must be thousands of artists who can Technically draw better than him.

RAWLS said...

Those are great dude!
And the answer to your question is, yes. Both are correct.

Kyri Kyprianou said...

messytimbo, I'd agree with that. Good comments.

charco said...

sweet work, turned out great.

I was right by the way, you commented on my OLD blog aaaaaaaages back

Kristian said...

"Jack of all trades, master or none" A phrase often used by people describing me.
But I don't think that term applies to art. Creativity is a free flowing thing. It should be open to all avenues and ventures.
A close friend of mine is a extremely talented wushu artist. He Uses his gymnastic background in addition to ballet/boxing to benefit his wushu. It all contributes to the final product.

Now to the second image. This is drawing that I go crazy for. The different weight of line, the quickness of the pencil strokes. Every line is considered in flurry of tone.
An all encompassed beautiful drawing!

Olivier Ladeuix said...

hey Wesley, long time no speak ;-)

I agree with Tim, well that's Bobby Chiu's take on art. Copy the style of the masters to develop your own one. And as a commercial artist it is better to be able to adopt any style.

Chris Halls said...

Both man, both. Work on your own style and do some other stuff in between.

charco said...

Finished :D I'll thrung the file onto a CD and bring it in to you tomorrow.

Joe Karg said...

Lookin good Wes. These are some really great sketchbook pages. I have to get back on these. I'm off my game since I started painting so damn much. Can't be letting guys like you get the best of me :) HA HA HA

Peace brother,

polllak said...

nice sketches man! how are you?!
i'm back from annecy, it was cooooool!!!

Maarten Rijs said...

hey wes,
extremely cool to see your enviromental drawings. they are darn great. love the 2nd one, the ones in previous post are awesome as well.
nice dude, keep posting!

Tim Moen said...

man i used to do drawings like this sometimes. they are cool. i like the high contrast. i need to draw more.awesome work dude.

Maarten Rijs said...

hey bro,
thanks so much for your words... it made me so happy... good motivation :)
although i only see where my skills lack, but maybe thats not such a bad thing..
anyway im feeling good about lifedrawing lately.. i hope ill have some strong stuff for my portfolio next year.
id love to see a post of your cleanup process. although i am getting closer and closer (actually i think ive just experienced a breakthrough!) it sometimes just gets technical with scanner settings and stuff you know?
itd be great to see your process!

your time in dundee must be almost over.. what are you gonna do next year? have you found a job yet?

Kristian said...

Give the blog some 'wes' life bro. I'm an addict to your drawings. Feed my devotion!

claudi said...

Hi Wes,
really great drawings you're showing here. Impressive as always. How's it going by the way? I read on facebook that you're going back to London. How do you feel about it?

Take care,

PS: I finally got around to setting up a blog as well and I'ld love you to have a look and leave some feedback :)

Ken said...

Post something fool....