Sunday, 18 January 2009

"Snake...? snake...? SNNNAAAAAKKKEEEE!!!!!!

Happy New year everyone, hope everyone had a good Christmas.. I was home for Christmas and my cousin was kind enough to lend us his PS3 so I finally got to play and complete Metal Gear Solid 4. Its a long time since had the chance to get into a game and its amazing!! Thanks Junior. ...oh...and I had a really good christmas as well. It was nice to spend time with my girlfriend, family and cool seeing my nephew, goddaughter and niece. They're all just over a year old but growing incredibly fast.

I’m really pumped for the New Year and scared at the same time. 3 months left on the illusionist and the pressure’s on. Definately interesting times ahead.

Also saw Slumdog Millionaire and the Wrestler over the last few weeks, both fantastic films definately recommend them.

I saw this a while ago via Catsuka but recently a site was launched in a higher resolution (also found via Catsuka) so check it out

Thanks to all who have commented or visited my blog thus far. I was pretty lousy last year at keeping up to date , I hope to remedy that this year.

And Again....


PS: Check the latest addition to the ink team.....Birgit Maier


L ROSSI said...

sweet stuff as always sir!
Nice texture...its so getting sumtin from google, (eh Chris?!) heh heh

C u 2moro for another intense week, when we'l c if Olympus can overcome the despair of 'Black Friday'!

L Over and out


messytimbo said...

Mclovin that snake dude! it's killar.

and i really like the fire extinguisher.

Chris Halls said...

nice drawings, not sure about the texture, though. Need to get some good photo-reference for cardboard, but don't worry I can help you out. Unfortunately I can't with the drawing skills though.....oooohh! Ha ha!

RAWLS said...

haha... I love the sketches on cardboard. Great stuff as usual my friend!!

Maarten Rijs said...

no words? I hope thats positive dude :)
im so glad your posting again. beautifull beautifull drawings man. your style is so simple and beautifull.
my favorite is the guy stirring his coffee... very clear action and i love the way you handle hands.

i just posted some new drawings too.

Joe Karg said...

Great Snake Wes. Long time brother. I'm glad to see everything is going well in your world. I'm just staying busy over here in the States. I started teaching a figure drawing class and I'm getting ready to go back to school. Hit me up some time when you get the chance.


Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

metal gear is nice, i did play it a few years ago and i was really takem by the game..I couldn't stop until i had finished it..

nice one wes

Zaff said...

love it !!!


TH3DEN said...

very nice update! i really like the way you draw hands :D it feels very natural. ohh and awesome drawing of not so old snake, big fan!! :)

gemini82 said...

Loving the cardboard as well man

libra bear said...

L ROSSI: Did we overcome black friday L?

Timbo: Thanx bro. keep meaning to draw things other than people but always fall into old habbits.

C Halls: Many thanx

Rawls: thought the cardboard might make little difference. Thanx again bro.

Maarten: Dont really have anything negative to say about your work or attitude. Juts amazed at your progress.

Joe: Hope your good bro. I'll facebook you sooninsh

DMCA: Metal Gear is the greatest game series on earth. Love it. might do some more pics..

Zaf: appreciate the kind words, thanx for stopping by

TH3DEN: Many thanx

Gemini82: thanx bro, how do I leave a comment on your blog? I've tried but it won't let me? hope you get this....

Kristian said...

beute sketch my man. You do the best designs. The dude stirring his tea looks like he could tell some tales. when you gonna give me a call? ai've been waiting since xmas.. hee hee

Carlos Fraiha N. de A. Barbosa said...

hey wesley!
your drawings are really inspiring... love the old man with the mug. all the other ones too, but that one specifically.
thanks for the comments on the reel! i've been meaning to cut it down, but i find it so hard to decide which shots to drop. if you have any suggestions, let me know. but i know you're busy, so don't worry about that - just if any come to mind
oh, and i was looking at the ink website... are there any inbetweener vacancies still open? if so i'll put some drawings together tomorrow to apply!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr, hows you? Do you have to wear a kilt. The prospect of seeing you wearing a frock is mind boggling, ha ha ha.

Love your work man, way cool!

And yes finally!! Still life's experiences are like good wine the longer they take the better they taste :)

Did a 15 page comic strip for GP was a lot of fun will post it soon. I'm yearning to go back to Japan. London is killing me body and soul!!!

TORI CAT said...

SF4 Rocks! Though Seth has got to be the toughest boss ever!!
....... 4.30 am i stopped playing...... yes i kno......
what a wimp!!

Cya 2moro!

L ROSSI said...

Whoops! You know thats mine right?!!

SF4 Rocks! Though Seth has got to be the toughest boss ever!!
....... 4.30 am i stopped playing...... yes i kno......
what a wimp!!

Cya 2moro!

(p.s Tori says hi!)

polllak said...

hey wes, thx for the comment, im in london till sunday,let me know if u wanna catch up on the weekend. see you duuuuuuuuude!

Javas said...

looks amazing as always Wes, keep it up!

PD: do u have a ps3, would be cool playing SFIV ;)