Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Last Dragon

An Attempt to keep up posting. I've been a bit off on my game lately. Cant seem to draw anything I like. Hopefully I'll get over it soon.

And Again....


Oscar Rosales said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it! Don't worry about your drawing slump, it happens! Look forward to checking out your future works!!!

gemini82 said...

You got the glow. Sho nuf

Rick-Garcia said...

I have been seeing your drawings, paints and sketches, you have a great hand, I like very much the line and style of your drawings. They are really great!
See U soon!!

messytimbo said...

YES! man this has put a big smile on my face :)

i wanna see more drawings of Brue leeroy.


this is friggin sick!

i wanna see you take on the shogun of harlem. please do one?!

Kristian said...

Great neck line. I always struggle with that.But you make it look easy. The hand perspective is simply gr-great!WATTTTAH!!!!

pablo pablo said...

Very good all stuffs!

Javas said...

pure coolness my man!

Maarten Rijs said...

hey wes! great to get a comment from you again! thanks man. its good to know your still alive haha :)
this drawing is amazing and so are the ones in your last post. love the way you handle hands!

your drawings inspire me, post more!

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice light wes..
I like the hand pose as well.
keep it up my friend.

Jamal O said...


This one is going to get a remake
I hear...

polllak said...

wouhaaa yaaaAAAA!!!
great new stuffs dude !

TORI CAT said...

Work is looking top notch wes, as always!!! :)
I love the blue pencil sketch of the lady!!
Hope you have a great christmas and see you in the new year!!! :)
Also, i wanted to commission you to do me a lil picca when you got the time!! (a certain jack, dressed as a pirate jack??) ;D
Cheers dude!!! looking forward to seeing more!!

Al said...

Hello, hello from sunny Skye!

It is I Alan- seeing as i never saw you on Friday....

Have a good one Big man and see you in the new year


libra bear said...

Oscar, thanks for the comment. I would have thought by now I would have learnt to expect and accept drawing slumps, but I still let them get to me.....

Gemini, WHO's THE MASTER???!!!

Rick-Garcia, Appreciate the comments bro. Thanks for stopping by,

Timbo, I'll see what I can do

Kristian, you always pic up things in my drawings I never see. Your teahing me how "I" draw.

Pablo, Thanx mate

Javas, Glad you like it bro.

Maarten, I’m officially a bad blogger. Will have to redeem myself.

DMCA, Thanx Daniel

Jamal O, Yeah I heard that to. Apparently Sam Jackson’s involved. Hope they don’t ruin it.

Polllak, Thanx Pollak. Hopefully I get more stuff going.

Tori, Yeah Laurent told me about that commission. Will get on it when I go back to work. Hope your good.

Thanx AL. Merry Christmas to you bro. Looking forward to the New Year.