Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hi My Name Is....

....Wesley Louis, I’m currently living in Scotland and working as an inbetweener. Thought I’d re-introduce myself as it’s has been so long since I’ve blogged.

It’s been so long I can’t even recall all the things I’ve been doing. I’m currently working on my project hoping to have all the animation done in the next couple of months. I don’t want to show anything till have a good portion finished. I’ve not done much drawing outside my project, these drawings are a few months old. I coloured in the Thundercat last night. It’s slightly different to my normal stuff. I really want to start applying colour in a different way. As you see, I’ve a lot to learn and the fact that it’s a bad drawing doesn’t help either. Either way Just want to thank Mr Anderson for the tutorials and advice really helps. I’m coming for more lessons Kenny!!

It’s been a lifelong dream to have one of my characters sculpted and it was realised a few weeks ago. I want to thank Robert Robinson another colleague and friend@ Ink. I really want to post photos as it looks amazing but not till I get more of my project done. In the meantime check out his website.

I’ve also added new links, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, sorry guys.

Ali Assaf

Carlos Meglia

Robert Robinson

Laurent Rossi

Maria Birmingham

Rob Birchall

Sehyun (to be updated)

Terry Wu

Tori Davis


Thanks to all who’ve left comments or simply browsed. I’ll catch up with everyone soon.

I’m really in the mood to draw now so while I can’t say when I’ll be posting again , I’ll try not to make the wait so long...don’t hold your breath though.....

And Again....



RAWLS said...

Wesley... Wesley...? hmm.. I seem to remember that name somehow.
Good to see you alive and kickin my friend. I was affraid you and Ken both had vanished. Love yer Thundercat, and sketches man. Can't wait to see what you've been workin on!

Maarten Rijs said...

whataaaaaaaa, your alive!!
dude awesome awesome stuff. I seriously can not wait to see that sculpture (and the rest of your project).
kinda mean to get us all excited about it and then say you wont post it!
come ooooon.

anyway, hope your doing good, see ya!

Kristian said...

holy moly! This tantamounts to abuse. Abuse to the blogasphere. There are penalties for this kind of thing.
Anyway payback aside. Love the lion-0. great palette. awesome posing. I especially am digging the last pic of the horse stance sifu. great foreshortening. Please post more Tim and I are getting tired of only responding each others blogs.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm, WHERE'S THE SCULPTURAL DRAWING!!!!!!! Not another comment until you've fixed yer massive problem mister! And Lion-o's hair is too orange. Keep at it buddy! Bwahahahaahahahaha!!!!!

Doctor Cerebro said...

your project?
you mean saint martins project?
what's your name again?

G1toons said...

i like the like the liono, and the sketch of the guy doing the kung fu stance really nice

gemini82 said...

Man I love it when you drop a post. Its like Christmas man.

polllak said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah you're baaack dude!!! wasssssoup!!!! your new posts are really pleasant! i will be often in london now , so i want to draw with you !!!! see yah!

Javas said...

gotta love that Lion-O

Ross Burt said...

always good to see thundercats! really like yer Lion-o...alot of people try to update and change the design in some wierd way, but i like that you're changes are subtle - making the face more cat like is definitely cool, and that glove always rocked :) nice