Wednesday, 7 May 2008

What shall I post?

Hi everyone. Many thanks for the comments and feedback for the last post. Much appreciated

I haven’t posted in a while, not because I didn't want to, but haven’t done anything I liked lately. Guess I’m being a bit too picky about what I show these days which is silly. Anyway, I've been quite busy doing some personal stuff which I won’t post anything about, and won’t talk about again till (if) I finish. As a result no more huge posts, but hopefully I'll post more often (yeah right).

The only exciting thing to have happened in terms of this art thing is a collaboration with the not so talented Kenneth “Nethken” Anderson...opps did I say not so talented?? LOL. Just kidding Ken, I have much respect for my colleague and friend. I’ve learnt a lot from him, not just in terms of technique but attitude. Anyway, this pic is a result of a 2min sketch by moi and then 2 days rendering by Ken. I honestly don’t feel I can take credit for this, but it was nice to see what could be done from one of my simple sketches. Basically, we were making fun of Ken and the amount of women he draws wielding swords. Chris Halls drew a pic (by the way chris, I decline your characters tempting offer, not my type lol), and I responded to his pic with a simple sketch to show him what a real woman with a sword looks like LOL.. Ken was inspired and the rest is history.

Now, it might be made into a 3D animatable model. I look back and think “All this from a 2 minute sketch???” We’ll see what happens. The rest are some random sketches.

And Again....


PS: I was generously rewarded by the minds behind El Grande for my promotion efforts last post. Click here. By the way guys I hope yo realise I didn’t do the shout out for rewards, I believe in what your doing and am excited by things to come. Keep going.


messytimbo said...

do my eyes deceive me?! a post!
dude i was getting worried about you :) you've been a stranger around these here parts.

lovely drawings man. i really love the one of the couple on the train, very nice.

hope your well?

p.s i'm Intrigued by the personal project?

lacopol said...

wow wes!!!! your design is so goooooooood!!!! i love the boxe stuff!!! really good! and "oh my god" i'm in your link list.... thank you i'm very proud... see you dude

flaviano said...

great man great. i'm really happy to se a guy put all this energy to increase his skills! you keep doing big steps!
in answer to your question about my sketches: use pantone tria markers on print smooth paper. in this way the scarce quality of paper let the marker's alcohol free to create stains that looks like watercolor :wink:

RAWLS said...

Awesome stuff dude!! I really like it when you keep it loose. A lot of people tend to tighten up and go all ridged when doing more finished drawings,(myself included} and lose the initial feel of the first sketch. The myan character sketches are really great. Lots of life. Keep it up my friend!!!

bog_art said...

I just discovered your blog because Ken.. you have a great work here.. I really liked your post "Mr Kent, Mr Wayne and Mr Parker...." really well done.. congratulations!..

gemini82 said...
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gemini82 said...

Man I'd love to see the granny modeled and rigged. Getting excited just from the thought.

Chris Bivins said...

wow amazing drawings man. i love the designs your getting with your characters. really nice stuff man


Sauro Quaglia said...

I love your sketches! You have one beautiful and fresh style. Compliments!

Carlos Fraiha N. A. Barbosa said...

Hi, thanks for the comment on the animatic! I should have the final film up on the blog in the end of June.
I really like your designs! Everyone in the course heard about you from Steve, hope everything's going well up there in Scotland. Sylvain Chomet is amazing, I bet it's been great.
Is it ok if I add a link to your blog on my list?

Carlos Fraiha N. A. Barbosa said...

Cool! Hope you can make it. The end of year party is scheduled for Friday the 20th of June, and we'll have another one just for the final project in the National Gallery some time in September.

Mirella said...

Waaa! I love this draws^^

Tevik Avakyan said...

Wow! These are really nice! Great style and designs.

Howard Shum said...

Nice sketches!

Hatavar said...

Thanks ye for the welcome, yeah I'm definitely going to need some vehicle of motivation over the coming months.

I'd be really interested in meeting -any- of the Massive Black artists.. I'd need to keep my ears perked for talk of future workshops which coincide with it being financially feasible for me.

These are great sketches dude, hope to see more soon. Thanks for the link up too, it's all about community right? :P

Tim Moen said...

duuuude. nice work man. i like the indians a lot. i love the drawing either in this post or one of the recent ones, its like a composition of a bunch of houses, it looks like it was drawn from above. that stuff is tight man. i like it a lot. hows the job going? working in the industry is rad isnt it? i feel like ive learned so much more in thiis past year than i have ever before. thanks for encouraging me to post more on my blog too. ill talk to you soon.
ps-i just posted lol

Kristian said...

luscious doodles..the pointing mayan fella is really strong,wes. Whats it for? There a little sketch of a woman , in the bottom of the 3rd image. she has great proportions.
when are you heading down to see us humble scrawlers?

EL GRANDE said...

These are some of your sickest pieces. The life drawings are amazing as usual, but your character drawings are really started to express so much more naturalism and life. WOW!

Hope all is well on the work front. I just got a gig working at a sculpture studio here in town doing some casting and assembly. I'm hoping to stick around long enough to work on this 20ft tall figure they got hired to do. Should be awesome.


Ken said...

dude, sweet sketches. I especially love the very last one of the beefy guy and the cute gal. Did you do it in work? I never saw it there.

Oh and thanks for the digs. Attitude? hahaha. For sure man. I taught you attitude mm hmmm. Thats the attitude of the streets yo. The Dundee streets . Get it up ya!!!!

Khoo Khoo

lacopol said...

thanks for your comment on Reich express wes...and i say again this new post with lot of sketches and design is so awesome!!!

Bianca said...

Beautiful sketches!!

Maarten Rijs said...

22nd to post? what thaaaaaa...

man your character design skills impress me every time. all these drawings are super.
I really cant point out any favorites cause I love them all.
maybe the fat chick... haha. but the indians are great too.

and holy moly man, that sketch (on the train?)is amazing.

just curious...did you manage to arrange life drawing sessions?

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey wes..amaizing style as usual...i can see you been busy,,,what's many sheeps in this green lands??
wes, ,, the lady in the bikini is show, vrery nice,tha african indian character at her side as well,, very creative,,
cool wes, same day I gona ask you to model in 3d one of your characters,.
cool wes,,,see you

bog_art said...

Thanks for your words and your visit too!.. and I think you are doing good waiting to post.. it is a way to keep the level in your blog (which is good).. who is creating the 3D modeling to this character?..

Olivier Ladeuix said...

Hey Wesley, this special offer from Virgin train I was talking about was just.... a promotion ;-) so obviously I couldn't use my free ticket on week end :-|

Anyway I just wanted to congratulate you and your crew. I saw some pics of your feature on Cartoonbrew and I really like the only pic I saw. Hopefully they will show more at Annecy this summer.

I have 4 more weeks to go to finish my short. I don't know what state it will be by then but the whole thing is now starting to make some sense. I will probably post the entire blocking sometimes next week

See you buddy

libra bear said...

Timbo: I know, my posting has become atrocious. I figured out why though.
The first rule of my personal project is not to talk about my personal project,
The second rule of my personal project is to lol

Lacopol: Thanks bro, don’t know why you’re surprised about being one of my links, you’re a great draughtsman and I love the way you draw. Your Blog definitely inspires me. I’m flattered that someone of your skill likes my work.

Flaviano: Appreciate that bro. I feel like I have soo much to learn, the better I get, the better I need to get. It’s a great journey even though it’s frustrating sometimes. Thanks for the tip bro.

Rawls: I like loose, but I also like to tighten up an image sometimes to see if I can maintain the looseness know what I mean? I don’t really find your stuff that rigid.

Bog_Art: Thanks for stopping by, Ken is an awesome talent ain’t he? I think that’s because he met me LOL, just kidding Ken. Glad you like the hero image, I kind of cringe when I look at it now. Don’t you hate when you do a drawing, go away thinking it’s amazing, come back a few days later and think, I hate myself LOL.

Gemini82: I’d love to see the granny modelled as well. My colleague is always busy so I don’t think it will happen any time soon. Thanks for dropping by.

Chris Bivins: Thanks man. Your stuff is great, especially the watercolours.

Sauro Quaglia: Thanks man, I don’t know if I’d describe my work as fresh lol, but it’s nice that you see it that way. Thanks again.

Carlos Fraiha N. A. Barbosa: I’m looking forward to seeing your film. From the animatic I saw looks like a winner. See you on the 20th.

Mirella: Thanks. Keep the comics coming.

Tevik Avakyan: Your style is really nice so coming from you that means a lot, I can’t look at your blog, hope that’s not a permanent thing.

Howard Shum: Many thanks my friend.

Hatavar: No problem Hatavar, when are you coming sketching with us? I haven’t been for a while actually. Went on Sunday and I’m rusty. As for the massive black thing, go to They always have info on the next gigs. Your right, it is about community so er...welcome lol.

Tim Moen: Loooooonng time no blog time lol. And to think I get stick for being 2 weeks late. Appreciate the comment man. The houses were drawn from the living room window of where I live. It’s such an amazing view. The irony is I live in a basement flat. The job is cool and doing this work is great. Feels good to wake up and get paid for what you love. I’m gonna visit your blog as soon as I finish responding.

Kristian: Thanks bro. doesn’t compare to your last few posts. Still get a rush looking at your drawings, meaning I have lots to learn from you. The Mayan was drawn at work after I watched Apocolypto. It’s not very accurate, need to reference them a bit more. Which girl you on about?

El Grande: Thanks Joe, I’ve been looking at life a lot more and have started to act out my poses and analyse more. I draw a pose then copy it with my own body. If it doesn’t feel right, it means somethings wrong, so I do it again. I’m glad you see it, it means I’m doing something right.
Casting Assembly as in sculpting? Is there nothing you can’t do?

Ken: Most of these are done at work Ken. Inbetween, inbetweens. Lol. The attitude isn’t of the Dundee streets, it’s more about how you approach your work. You truly draw for the fun of it, I’m starting to relearn that due to some of our conversations.

Lacopol: Reich Express is a cool film bro, so when is Reich Express 2 coming out? Lol.

Bianca: Thanks Bianca.

Maarten: 22nd to post? Erm...what do you mean? Thanks Maarten, Still haven’t done any life drawing which is annoying me. Hopefully I’ll do some with Kristian and Timbo in London next month. That’s like 3 weeks away 

DMCA: LOL, yeah there’s not much to do in Dundee, LOL. So you like a woman with curves huh? Lol. My girlfriend gave me a very strange look when she saw that. Bro, when you’re ready to model one of my “characters designs”, let me know and I’ll send you a turn around. You did the other model so well and that’s when we were students so your skills must be MMMAAAADD.

Bog_Art: I think I only post when I think I have lots of good stuff to show. If I thought more of my work maybe I’d post more often? A supervisor at my studio wanted to model it. Like I said though, he is always busy so I don’t think we’ll be seeing it anytime soon. I’ll have to ask him if he’s started.

Oliver Ladeuix: Hey man, I was wondering about that. Probably a good job as it might have been hard for me to meet you. You going Las end of year show. Hopefully we can meet then? Good to catch up in person.
Thanks for the congrats, I don’t know if I deserve it just yet, I’ll pass it on to the rest of the crew. I went to cartoon brew, we had a mad rush to finish that scene. I didn’t know what it looked like coloured. Anyway, while I can’t talk too much about it, the animation is beautiful . I don’t know much about the story and I try to avoid composites because I want to see the film with fresh eyes. I’m looking forward to it.
Looking forward to seeing to film buddy.

Chris Palmer said...

Wow! Your work is so inspiring! So glad I found your blog.

Mystery of Albesila said...

very cool sketches

samacleod said...

Yeah, love these sketches.

Anonymous said...

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