Tuesday, 18 September 2007

For Fun

While I was watching Devils Advocate. I can't wait to start animating something different....

And Again....


Maarten Rijs said...

Whooo. Your on fire dude 3 posts in a row.
Very very nice man, how did you learn your anatomy? I've been reading to your blog a bit and is it true that you learned most of your drawing skills from comics?
Anyway your anatomy is really good.

Looking forward to some new animation man. By the way, have you also done bigger shots? Like timbo a guy lifting a ball, or a runcycle or whatever. Just curious what theyd look like since your lip syncs are so good.

I'll probably post some new stuff too within a few days!

Keep the posting up!

libra bear said...

Thanks man. I haven't done much "exploratory" animation for a while, since my project. Life drawing has kind of stoppped too. Looking for work at the moment. Soon as I finish my project I want to explore movement more indepth. Weight, walks, runs, all of that. Could be a while though. Yeah I learn how to draw watching lots of cartoons, and reading comics. So i struggle with a lot of things in my drawing now. I can see the difference between my drawings and someone that studies life. Thats why I can't wait to start studying again.

G1toons said...

yeh i am working on it myself, it has come to a little halt at the moment, but it is still a goal of mine to get it finished, could be in a year could be in five years, it will be finished

G1toons said...

yeh i am an animator in progress, i have a link to my website on my blog,
how is your short coming, its looking good from the composites i saw

G1toons said...

ha ha ha i know "it is stressful but it is rewarding to say it is your own film that you did that you poured your life into, know one can ever take that away from you

messytimbo said...

liking it bro.

Maarten Rijs said...

Hey man, maybe you read my post on my blog, not sure. But anyway, Im looking for something to make my animations on thats a little more profesional then this thing I use now, cause now i focus too much on getting my sheets straight and stuff instead of the animation itself. Besides one pin keeps breaking off haha.
Anyway, I was wondering what you use, where you bought it etc.
Thanks man looking forward to some more sketches of yours!

Maarten Rijs said...

Thanks a lot man! I dropped you an email cause I thought it was a little easier maybe.
(I live in holland by the way haha)

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

hey nice charact.. hav you done straight in ps?
cool wes

libra bear said...

Thanks Dan, I sketched it on paper, scanned, then coloured in PS

Shouren Ho 何守任 said...

Is he a Monk Character? The Dots on the forehead are burnt by incense, usually could have from 1,2,3,6,9 to 12 dots. Having more dots suppose to mean the monk is more "faithfull".

libra bear said...

your right, I've never seen 4 dots on a monk, didn't even know what they meant till now. I was just doodling and decided to color it up. If this was a real character, I would have done my research. Thanks for the info shouren.

Maarten Rijs said...

I see you are linking to gobelins, have you seen pyrats?

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Doctor Cerebro said...

hey man! haha! what's up, wes? in order to animate something New, you have to animate Something first!
Come on, dude!!!!
I like that big fellow!