Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Rush

I'm in one, a rush that is, I was ordered (politely) to start a blog ASAP, I was actually gonna wait till I could organise myself and my work properly but was made to realise that I'm wasting time so, here it is. (Thanx for the kick up the butt Kristian :)

My name is Wesley, I live in London and currently studying animation Central St Martins. Can't really write too much right now, in the middle of animating an eagle, thats why I'm in a rush, got an assessment soon , so the next couple weeks is about polishing my stuff. I'll elaborate more on myself L8r. In the mean time, here are a few samples of my work from earlier this year. Please feel free to comment, and criticise. Crit is a big part of my learning process, and I have SOOO much to learn. (PS: doesn't matter what level your at or whether your an artist or not, all comments are valid)

Till next time

The following is some work i did for my porfolio to get into St Martins, these characters were created when i was about 16 (i'm 29 now), so i thought it might be a good idea to redo them, and kind of see how far i've come. I think I'll post the the original designs and drawings i did sooo long ago so you can judge my progress.

This is the first few times i used a wacom, still not really used to it yet but it did introduce new ways of working for me....


C said...

Hi Wes!

Nice character designs! I like the big chunky sword guy! cool storyboards too!

Kristian Antonelli said...

man. these are too good. you must teach me the techniques, sifu.

Anonymous said...

These drawings are buff. How do you make them so buff and juicy. Excellent work keep it up mate
from The black rabbit

daniel sulleiman said...

these are heavy and each one screams WES

Nargis said...

Hi Wes,
Well ,I have had a thorough browse through all the work you have posted.I can see the influences are still there,Bruce Lee, Anime/Manga,Martial arts,Disney, Batman.. I am pleased at the the volume of work you have submitted and the development of your drawings.What is most appealing to me is the life drawings that have been stylised in to your influences and style then animated...wish you had done more like that. That one drawing of your cousin then developed into black and white monochrome was exciting for me. I reckon you have many sketches that you can develope this way. Your work is full of potential I am so sure you still have so many ideas you want to get on to paper. The course seemed well worth it.As always a huge fan of your work..and always having confidence in you. Nargis X

Anonymous said...

yooo Mister Crazy Fingerz i like your new stuff man keep it up.
oh yeh and i like your basketball player he's look's hard
Peace out Wes Master